KRATOM OF ALL COLORS There are only four types of kratom trees that are recognized by many people and have the characteristics of maengda leaf horns, red veins, white veins, and green veins. But There is only one species of kratom tree that is recognized by science. Differences in strain colors can be explained by […]

Lab Testing

HOW WE TEST 10 gram sample cannot accurately represent the 1000 kilogram batch We want to talk about how the product can get contaminated with mold and yeast before we describe the lab test technique. This may occur as a result of the drying procedure, in which farmers spread out the leaves to dry in […]

Hygiene Standards

HYGIENE STANDARDS Even if the whole processing is done correctly, a particularly important topic can spoil the whole result and that’s a lack of hygiene. For example, if the leaves are washed in a contaminated river or dried on the streets, then no safe product can come out of it.  Also, if the storage is not done in a manner […]


MACHINERY Many producers do not use appropriate machinery to guarantee a safe product. It is more expensive to only use stainless steel machinery and most vendors have never been at their farmers place to know what they are using. We made sure that only stainless-steel is used while processing the leaves.   You don’t want your Kratom to be passing through a machine […]

Harvest & Drying

HARVEST & DRYING Depending on the various farming methods each farmer employs, the harvesting and drying processes vary. Some forget to give the leaves enough time to reach a specific age, which prevents the leaves from producing enough alkaloid concentration. Additionally, the leaves must be dried with extreme caution. To prevent contamination from humans and […]

Trusted Supplier

TRUSTED SUPPLIERS There are a lot of scams out there When it comes to operating in the Kratom market, there are problems you will need to conquer and having the appropriate partners is undoubtedly one of, if not the most, significant factors. Alternately, you can choose to collaborate with Seberuang Botanical and avoid all of […]