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To ensure a safe, clean, and high-quality Kratom product, there are many things to take care of during the manufacturing process. Or, in other words, there are many mistakes that are potentially made by farmers and processors. We will try to give you an overview of what needs to be checked with your supplier to receive the product you are looking for.

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From Leaf

Trusted Supplier

Having the right partners is clearly one if not the most important part when it comes to operating in the Kratom market.

Hygiene Standard

Even if the whole processing is done correct, a particularly important topic can spoil the whole result and that’s hygiene

Harvest and Drying

The harvest and drying methods vary between different farmers, some do not take enough time to let the leaves grow to a certain age

Lab Testing

we learned that test results differ strongly between certain laboratories


Scientifically speaking there is only one species of Kratom trees which can have red, white and green veined leaves.

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