Many producers do not use appropriate machinery to guarantee a safe product. It is more expensive to only use stainless steel machinery and most vendors have never been at their farmers place to know what they are using. We made sure that only stainless-steel is used while processing the leaves 

You don’t want your Kratom to be passing through a machine which is rusty or using low quality metals.

One possible cause of heavy metal contamination in Kratom is the type of machine being used. Milling machines are often run for 12 – 16 hours straight in a day, maybe more during peak production periods. This creates a lot of heat and friction. You don’t want your Kratom to be passing through a machine which is rusty or using low quality metals.

To be safe, we make sure proper food grade milling equipment is being used.

When processing Kratom, it is essential to use only food grade stainless steel equipment. If you visit Asia, you will see the huge differences in the types of machinery used. Few producers have the necessary machinery investments and modern, food grade equipment.However unhappily, the majority uses equipment that they have manufactured themselves. Since these pieces of equipment are often not constructed of stainless steel,These machines are less expensive, and so are their parts. There is a metal ring that is fitting in the interior of the machine to grind the Kratom. We learned this ring needs to be replaced and can frequently break. 
To be safe, We ensure that the right milling machinery made for food is being used. Everyone will claim to utilize equipment made of food-grade materials, thus it is crucial to verify this for yourself. These self-assembled devices are dangerous for the safety of the products they process, thus you don’t want them processing your goods. Parts of the metal grinding mechanism could end up in your Kratom powder if the metal ring breaks.
We only milling ourproduct using adequate stainlesssteel equipment

Therefore, We only milling ourproduct using adequate stainless-steel equipment within production process, correct change of the grinding mechanisms and post filter the Kratom powder once more after its production. After that, the whole Kratom powder is being mixed up again in a stainless-steel mixer to provide a consistent batch in our warehouse using a stainless steel three dimensional mixer.

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