Kratom Red Vein (String Dried)

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This procedure is less frequent since it requires more time to manufacture a kilo of dry leaves than a kilo of conventional rack dry product, and it can only be done effectively with ancient, wild organic plants because we select the branch ends with the most leaves. One restriction on this form of harvesting is that it can only be used once every four months. This method also gives the tree’s leaves enough time to fully absorb the alkaloids before another harvest.

After the leaves are picked and cleaned, they are tied together in bunches, which are then hung along a string indoors in a well-ventilated area to protect them from the sun. Sunlight can cause degradation of the alkaloids, and this process is very slow. Depending on the local weather, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the bundles to dry completely. After the drying process, our farmers remove the leaf stalks to prepare them for grinding, which is another practice that is less common among the larger batches! Due to the more precise nature of the process, string drying is supposed to preserve more potency and alkaloid content in the leaves.

Most people agree that this method can ensure an overall better and cleaner final product because the leaves won’t dry out too quickly and the air will be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the leaf. Although obviously slow and expensive to produce, this method is ideal for managing the plant’s ability to preserve its alkaloids. wach this video

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3 reviews for Kratom Red Vein (String Dried)

  1. Martin Bourne

    My favorite strain from Seberuang. Very potent, long legs, and super euphoric.

  2. Gavyn

    This is my favorite of all red strains from any vendor. This leaf is alkaloid rich, and so very calming. This is a classic red vein in effects with the potency of a green vein.

  3. Simone

    This is by far the best RED I have ever tried. I don’t use Kratom for pain and usually RED causes me anxiety.
    With this one I felt a relaxation and a slight cushioning of the body, the usual pains of those over 40, such as back pain and knee pain disappeared for 6 hours. And it didn’t cause any anxiety!

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